Electronics Technology 

Throughout our Quality Management System, we constantly strive to pursue high quality products and high-reliable services to meet our customers' requirements and exceed their expectation.

Electronic product 
We specialize in designing and manufacturing safe, energy-saving, and delicate electronic lighting components with significant innovations in dimmable lighting. All HEP devices are running through an outstanding quality check process. Multistage test programs in production and final test procedure make sure each item fulfills all functional requirements. Our high quality standards guarantee the greatest possible safety and smallest failure rates.

Highly reliable service 
As a global cooperation, HEP Group is able to provide pre- and after sales services, advanced technical support and solutions immediately through HEP Germany / China / USA branch offices and global partners. HEP Group looks forward to become each customer’s engine of innovation to offer valuable business assistance.

Do you have special requirements?

HEP Group has R&D centers located in Germany and Taiwan to integrate and customize solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Technical know-how and flexible production processes make it possible to develop according to market demand and specific requirements. In close contact with our customers, we are aware of current technology trends and look forward to offer valuable business assistance, as well as innovative product series.