Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Arvin Chen, founder of Cubee.IS, in 2021 he became the president of Hep Tech Co. Through his visionary foresight and leadership, Hep Tech Co., has successfully integrated global resources and transformed itself from LED Driver manufacturer to Electronic Technology Business Group. Furthermore, with addition of Cubee.IS and its expertise in the automotive industry, which now became Automotive Technology Business Group. 

Incorporate experience in both electronic and automotive technology, it is our goal to create an unique brand with deep roots in technology and global outlook.

The primary focus of Electronic Technology Business Group is in AI Green Light Energy. By integrating intelligent control and green lighting technology to create smart building design; In addition, the goal of the Automotive Technology Business Group will be to focus on building private brands, unique products, and market channel development. Its goal is to define the highest level of automotive technology with unique style and concepts.

In the post pandemic global landscape, Cubee Hep will continue to focus on building brand and technology to continue developing the market in Europe, R&D in Taiwan, and expansion in Asian market, as our long term strategy goal.