About HEP

About HEP

Since 2002 HEP Group has engaged in innovating and manufacturing environment-friendly, energy-saving, delicate electronic lighting control gears for industrial and commercial purposes.

The company was approved by GTSM to list as an over-the-counter OTC market company in 2011 for ensuring HEP as a responsible firm with positive social influence on publics.


While taking over ownership on April 7 of 2021, Mr. Arvin Chen from CUBEE.IS as new HEP chairman established an advanced Automotive Technology Division, introduced international supply chain of top-brand supercar to Taiwan, and also well formed up Asia sales channel in leading HEP Group to further deep globalization.

With 500 more highly trained and professional employees, HEP Group is serving customers from more than 50 countries worldwide.

Headquarter based on Taiwan— HEP Tech Co., Ltd. responds for administration, global sales, and functions to be a corporate R&D center. In 2011 It was listed as an over-the-counter OTC market company to ensure HEP as a steady corporation with positive influence on publics.


Europe subsidiary- HEP GmbH located in Schalksmühle, Germany mainly provides optimal sales service and timely delivery of fine products from local warehouse to European Communities. His engineering team works as main development and product certification center - together with HEP Tech. Co. Ltd. to perform innovative and advanced design, precisely testing, and deplore the highest technical know-how to ensure utmost quality.

All HEP products are engineered in compliance with the highest safety and performance standards, evidenced by complete certifications from global testing centers as ENEC, UL, CCC, and PSE. Productions meet with global regulatory safety and environment protection norms, such as RoHS, REACH and WEEE.

Production facilityWeiSen Electronic Co., Ltd in Zhuhai (China) has been certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.
In pursuit of corporate social responsibility - the ultimate energy efficiency, lighting quality, and sustainable environment, HEP constantly dedicates to develop the most advanced green lighting electronics. Modern dimming
technique, wireless solution, and IoT technology, all fit high requirements of the corporate goal. HEP never stops maximizing lighting performance throughout excellent innovation and continuously supporting a greener world.    


Supercar showroom and workshop – Sole agency of automotive ultimate-performance tuning and engine fine-remapping service represented prestigious top-brand supercars in Taiwan and as well Asia, including BRABUS, STARTECH, ABT, AC SCHNITZER, NOVITECH, and so on. Offering fine lighting and ultra cozy atmosphere, the luxury supercar showroom and workshop, both in Taipei and Taichung, bring a one-stop customization service, vehicle tuning, maintenance, repair, and coating, exclusively only for premium VIP clients.

HEPHigh-reliability Electronic Performance is our commitment to customers with value-added quality and services. As a strategic partner, we not only promise to meet our customer’s special requirements, but also look forward to sustaining an engine of innovation as usual.